Technology continues to change every day.  Not only in the construction and equipment industries, but also in the communication industry.  First created in 2004, podcasts continue to be a great way to be entertained, stay informed, and to learn new ideas from industry leaders.  As a land clearing company, sod farm, and equipment dealer, we here at Grovin Equipment are always looking for innovation in these industries.  Here are some construction and farming podcasts that we enjoy listening to!

Dirt Talk by Buildwitt:

Host Aaron Witt thoughtfully selects guests to come on the show which is for pros, by pros.  We enjoy this construction and farming podcast because their current event topics share the struggles, successes and everything in between of construction companies throughout the United States. Newer companies can benefit from the experiences shared by companies that have been around for decades.   “Dirt Talk” is relatable when they discuss real issues companies in the construction and land-clearing industries experience on a daily basis. 

The Contractor’s Best Friend for by Caterpillar: 

This is one of the best construction and farming podcasts for companies wanting to expand their best practices.  Thoughtful topics that range from business strategies to safety training and of course our favorite, technology!  With each episode, we’re inspired to make improvements in our day to day business even if it’s the smallest of adjustments. 

Digging Deeper on

We like listening to “Digging Deeper” when we want to hear about the newest construction industry trends.  This podcast focuses on technology and safety.  With Grovin Equipment being an authorized dealer for Steelwrist, we share the same interests with safety being at the forefront of our focus.  “Digging Deeper” shares an unbiased opinion of what’s new on the market with pros and cons.  Each episode of their construction and farming podcasts features an impressive guest host which offers listeners a new perspective with each topic discussed. 

Agriculture Technology with RDO:  

Tony talks about new technology with his listeners, and cutting edge technology is what Grovin Equipment is all about!  One reason we enjoy this construction and farming podcast specifically is because his focus is on the agriculture industry.  While Grovin Equipment sells Steelwrist products to customers in all different industries- construction, land clearing, hardscapers, landscapers, etc., our initial start was at our farm: Grovin Farms.  Agriculture Technology with RDO talks about a variety of construction equipment brands, but the main focus is John Deere, which is one of the brands Grovin Equipment installs Steelwrist products on most frequently. This is one of the top construction and farming podcasts to explore if you want to stay current on equipment technology in the agriculture world. 

The ConTech Crew

James Benham quenches the thirst of construction technology obsessives. From grading to mapping to robotics, James covers it all.  Sharing information with listeners that is forever changing can be a challenge, but for those of us who love technology, it’s exciting to listen to ConTech and learn about the latest and greatest in the industry.  

Moving Forward

We are so appreciative of the teams behind all of these podcasts who contribute to industry growth! Because of them, we’ve learned a lot about the different industries that we work with everyday here at Grovin Farms.  To learn more about our story, our land clearing and site development services, please contact our team today!

If you’d like to learn more about Grovin Equipment and our products, such as Steelwrist tiltrotators, quick couplers and attachments as well as Rockland Manufacturing, Trimble Sitech, and Lubecore feel free to join us for a demo day or contact us now!