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Our land clearing and forestry mulching services include:

Commercial property maintenance | Residential property maintenance | Land clearing | Tree removal & mulching | Brush removal & mulching | Storm damage clean up | Timbered land clean up | Pasture and field restoration | Hunting lanes and hiking trails | Horse trails | Cutting firebreaks | Orchard and vineyard maintenance | Utility line and fence line maintenance

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Our CAT 299 shredding thousands of blueberry trees. Complete land clearing, forestry mulching and land managment services available.

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Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetative growth. The unit uses a rotary drum equipped with a steel chipper “teeth” to remove and shred trees, brush and heavy vegetation. The mulch is simultaneously distributed over the cutting area, reducing erosion and vegetative regrowth while leaving a natural, forest-like environment.  Forestry mulching is used for land clearing, right of way clearing and maintenance. wildfire prevention, overgrown and heavy brush management, invasive species control and wildlife conservation and restoration.


Forestry mulching is unlike other land clearing processes in that it can be done with a single machine comprised of a CAT Compact Track Loader fitted with a HM315 Mulching Attachment.  This rugged mulching head processes trees, up to 200 mm (8 in) diameter, and other brush for effective land clearing results.  Unlike other land clearing methods, forestry mulching leaves no brush or burn piles and eliminates damage to the retained trees.  With a thick layer of mulch, the topsoil layer is protected from erosion and as the mulch decomposes, the topsoil will be replenished.


Conventional land clearing methods often increase the risk of erosion by pushing trees over, uprooting the stump and roots.  This process may unnecessarily disturb layers of soil.  In contrast, mulching the vegetation leaves the soil structure intact. The mulched material is dispersed over the cutting area and when left on the ground, will act as an erosion barrier and return vital nutrients back into the soil as it decomposes.  Over time, grass will naturally grow through the mulch and can be maintained with mowing.

Before and After Forestry Mulching


Our group of highly trained mulching professionals use a single machine comprised of a CAT Compact Track Loader fitted with a HM315 Mulching Attachment to accomplish this incredible before and after mulching project.

Benefits of Land Mulching

  • Fast land clearing
  • Reduces need for permits or special fencing
  • Keeps the tree root in place to maintain soil structure
  • No brush or tree piles to remove or burn
  • Slows vegetative regrowth
  • Controls erosion
  • Maintains natural forest appeal

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“This family owned and operated farm has great customer service. Everyone is extremely helpful and nice. A pleasure to do business with.”



Did You Know?

What is brush and tree mulching?  

Forestry (brush and tree) mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetative growth.


Are there limitations on the type of land, the terrain or specific weather conditions?  

Not usually.  Mulching units are uniquely suited for steep slopes, small spaces, and tight or narrow passages. The compact size coupled with a track system allows the machinery to work well in poor ground conditions as well as wet and rainy weather.  No matter the season, forestry mulching can be performed year round.  


Why is mulching environmentally preferred over traditional land clearing techniques?  

With a thick layer of mulch spread over the cutting area, the topsoil layer is replenished as the mulch decomposes.  When the tree root is kept in place, the basic structure of the soil is maintained leading to a reduction in soil erosion.  In addition, the thick layer of mulch slows vegetative regrowth, further reducing maintenance costs.   Forestry mulching also maintains the beautiful, natural look of a well maintained forest-like environment.  


What are some of the environmental projects best served by forestry mulching?

Restoring and maintaining natural resources and conservation lands are vital to the survival of much of our native wildlife.  Forestry mulching is the most cost effective, least invasive way to address conservation and restoration projects.  Removing heavy brush, vegetative overgrowth and invasive plant and tree species allows the native grasses and plant life to return and thrive.  Restoring accessibility to natural habitats with lush grasses, abundant plant life and clean water is the key to protecting our wildlife.


Forestry mulching is ideal for public and private land owners who want to maintain habitats for pheasants, doves and deer.  Maintaining open spaces for the growth of food sources as well as clear access to shelter and water are essential to creating suitable habitats.  


How long does it take and what is required?

Forestry mulching is the fastest, least expensive way to clear trees under 8” in diameter, heavy brush and vegetation.  Depending on terrain as well as tree and brush density, a forestry mulcher can clear one to two acres in a single day.  It is possible to transform unsightly, overgrown property in a single day and usually does not require a permit.   As with all projects, it is recommended to request a written estimate outlining the scope of work and start and completion dates.  

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