Grovin Farms Drainage Solutions

One of the site development areas in which we are experts is our foundational approach to drainage solutions. While working on land development for both residential and commercial areas, we take a hard look at exactly what the water drainage needs of the site are so that we can properly redirect or retain any surface water. Our expertise in this area is key in the prevention of standing surface water or flooding. Let’s take a look at exactly how we accomplish this.

Our main tactic for the redirection of water to prevent flooding is threefold. First, we make sure to fill in and eliminate any spots where water could pool: low spots, depressions, holes, etc. This is critical for any drainage solution. After this, we use our specialized Tremble 3D laser GPS system to perfectly balance your land and create subtle, exacting slopes to properly redirect any water that ends up on the surface of the property. Finally, we create drainage ditches and inlets to guide the water away from your property and into a retention pond, restoring it to function as designed.

For sites with a need for a more powerful water drainage solution, we have specialized technologies for constructing a long term solution. In addition to the redirection and site development approaches that we take on all our site projects, we also install underground infrastructure to ensure that water is always able to flow off of a property and into a system where it can be managed. We do this in two key ways.
First, we use a set of underground drainage tiles at the bottom of the basins where the water is directed. This allows us to control the flow and redirect it to ditches and troughs. Once we have this done, we move on to the second device: the culvert. With this kind of open depository, we’re able to safely, efficiently, and effectively move surface water off the site into a custom retention pond. We’re well versed in the design, excavation, and redirection of water into retention ponds. 

Through these key methods, we’ve established ourselves as reliable experts in both site development generally and drainage solutions specifically. If you’re looking to Grovin Farms for site development, fill out the form below to request a quote.

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