How To Increase Your Property Values by Land Clearing

Whether you’re planning to move soon or not, adding value to your property is essential to ensure you get the most return on your land investment. While most people focus on fixing the interior design or adding new appliances to their homes, most don’t realize how much you can increase your property value by investing in land clearing. Learn how to increase your property values by Land Clearing.

How To Increase Your Property Values by Land Clearing

What is Land Clearing?

Land clearing is the process of removing plants, overgrown vegetation, and trees from an area of your property. This clearing method is typically used in heavily wooded areas but can also be helpful in yards that have not been adequately landscaped. Clearing land has a ton of benefits, particularly to those interested in increasing their property values.

1.      Increase Your Curb Appeal

The look of your yard has a significant impact on the sale of your home. According to the National Association of Realtors survey, curb appeal is important to 71% of homebuyers when choosing a new home. By simply cleaning up your fence lines, removing overgrown bushes, and exposing the natural beauty of your home, you’re able to help your buyers envision themselves in your space.

2.      Maximize Your Return on Investment

Clearing your yard isn’t just for superficial looks. According to consumer reports, it can also increase the final value of your home by 3 to 5%. When a home looks move-in ready, and buyers know they can be entertaining in their backyard right after purchasing the house, they’re more likely to invest in the property.

3.      Improve Your Home Access

Even if you have a prime piece of real estate, if nobody can reach it, your chances of selling it will plummet. If you want to sell your property quickly, potential buyers need to be able to drive onto the property to see what they’re purchasing. This can be done by clearing a “path” large enough for a vehicle to get to the land your selling by trimming back bushes, removing trees, and creating a flat road.

4.      Create a Future Vision

Increasing your property value can be as simple as creating a clear vision for your future buyers or investors. If you’re selling a plot of land, but it’s completely covered with trees and bushes, it can be difficult for investors to see the benefits of purchasing your land plot. Land clearing is a simple way to create that vision for buyers. Not only will they be able to see the area visually, but you’ll have saved them an extra step because they already have an area cleared for a home or investment project.

Increasing Your Property Value by Land Clearing

If you’re ready to sell your property, you need to invest in land clearing. Grovin Farms makes it easy to get the most value out of your land with our professional land clearing and forestry mulching services. Contact our expert team today to see how we can help you make the most of your property and increase your land value today!