Olive Orchard

Our first batch of Florida-grown olive trees are ready to go!

These trees are developed specifically for the production of olive oil and are perfect for high density and super-high density planting. Whether you are envisioning a backyard garden or a whole field of olive trees, our trees will have you growing olives and making olive oil in no time.

We have three varieties: Arbequina, known for its hardiness and versatility both as a table olive and oil producer; Arbosana, also hardy, but with a stronger flavor; and Koroneiki, which produces a robust and peppery oil.

These trees are the most sought-after types for high-density planting and are prolific oil producers. Our specialists can help you determine the ideal varietal for your taste and situation.

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We currently have all varieties available in:

1-Gallon (36”-48”)

3-Gallon (48”-60”)


We are offering a Spring Special, while supplies last:

1-Gallon – Buy 100, get 10 free

3-Gallon – Buy 100, get 10 free


Grovin Farms is located just 20 miles east of Gainesville in Melrose, FL.


For more information: [email protected] or Call: (352) 204-0102

Olive Tree Pricing

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