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Leading researches report that by 2050 we will need to produce twice the amount of food from the same amount of acreage to keep up with world demand. This kind of production will take some serious innovation.


That is why we promote precision agriculture techniques. They reduce costs related to inputs such as seed, fertilizer and chemicals, while preserving precious waterways and other natural resources. Using high-tech GPS-guided machinery and equipment along with an integrated computer system, we are able to gather and assimilate crop-specific data for a particular field or designated area.  That data can then be used to maximize efficiency and take much of the guesswork out of farming.


Although the many benefits of implementing precision agriculture techniques are well documented, the initial expense might be cost prohibitive for some. Beyond the sizeable investment needed to purchase the machinery, software and GPS systems, there is also a significant time commitment in learning how to use it.


We have a solution! Grovin Farm Services brings the latest in equipment and technology directly to you, when and where you need it. We understand that the nature of this business is highly weather-dependent and time-sensitive; there are certain tasks that must be completed on time. Our team is committed to taking some of the pressure off, to partner with you in a way that is both convenient and affordable.


Let us save you money and time while strengthening your bottom-line profits.


For weed control, fertilizer and spray services, field mapping and land leveling.

As tractors and field equipment have become larger and heavier, they have had a concerning impact on soil compaction. Heavy equipment and tillage implements can cause damage to soil structure, an important facet of soil health.  Soil structure determines the ability of soil to hold and conduct the water, nutrients and air necessary for healthy plant root activity.

In addition, implement overlap and skips increase operator time and heighten soil compaction, causing costly increases in seed, fertilizer and chemical expenses.  With the RTK-GPS Guidance System, our operator maintains straight, uniform rows, reducing those overlaps and skips, thus ensuring less crop damage and higher overall crop production.

According to a university study, when using a GPS guidance system together with variable rate section control, input costs can reduce by as much as 20%.


  • Reduce implement overlap by 90%
  • Reduce ground compaction
  • Decrease spray and fertilizer costs by 20%
  • Improve crop production

HOW RTK-GPS WORKS: Prescription Map

The RTK-GPS Guidance System generates an electronic map or digital blueprint of each field. The GPS coordinates collected are electronically stored in a file labeled for each field. During the mapping process, soil samples are collected at specific intervals and subsequently sent out for interpretation. Results of soil tests are then entered in the system and a prescription map is generated.

Variable Rate Application (VRA)

Used for weed control and fertilizer application.

As every farmer knows, different sections of a field may need different amounts of crop care and seeding. Until recently, gauging those areas and amounts was more of an art than it was science.  And as input costs for chemical sprays and fertilizer continue to rise, fewer farmers are willing to take that risk.

With VRA, we’ve taken the guesswork out of spraying, seeding or spreading by automatically matching application rates to actual field conditions as we move across the land. This system records and stores the application data on a field-by-field basis, making it possible to use the data to plan for the next season.

With the ability to automatically control the rate of product application while targeting the specific sections where nutrients are needed most,  we are able to take farming efficiency to a whole new level.  The result is less crop damage due to over application, less waste and reduced input costs, improved production through elimination of skipped sections and decreased impact on natural resources.

Remember the 4 R’s:

  • Right nutrient source
  • Right rate of application
  • Right place
  • Right time

Application Section Control Technology

It has been well documented that field sprayers equipped with section control systems delivers a major cost savings to the operation. As production costs continue to rise, taking advantage of every cost savings opportunity becomes increasingly more important.

Section Control technology automatically turns on and off sprayer boom sections based on GPS coordinates and desired field coverage. It reduces overlap in headland areas where over application is common and significantly improves a farmer’s ability to manage oddly shaped fields.

How it works:

The section control system is directly integrated with the GPS guidance system used on the tractor and sprayer. Based on the exact GPS coordinates, the technology turns the implement section or sections on and off as required.

It has been reported that simply using a GPS Guidance System can reduce overlap and respective input costs which resulted in a savings of approximately 10 percent on fertilizers, chemicals and other expenses. Incorporating the use of Automated Section Control with the GPS Guidance System increased the savings to as much as 15 to 30 percent.

When the technologies that are available today are used in combination, GPS Guidance System, Variable Rate Application and Automatic Section Control, the maximum benefit is achieved.

So why not purchase these systems for yourself?

There is a large capital investment in machinery and technology, not to mention the time commitment required to learn how to use the technology. With Grovin Farm Services, there is NO up-front capital investment and very little time commitment. You can use that time to explore new expansion opportunities and focus on other parts of your business. Another added benefit to using our services is ready access to data that can be used to make intelligent crop adjustments and plan for the future.


Grovin will bring the equipment, technology and experienced operators directly to you, when and where you need it. If we can reduce input and labor costs and decrease the wear and tear on your farm equipment, it just makes sense to give us a call.

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