Preparing your property for the hurricane season is a necessity in Florida. While the storms might not happen annually, they leave a devastating trail of destruction when they strike. You can avoid physical and financial damage by following expert preparation guidelines. 

Prepare Trees and Shrubs for the Storm Season

Survey the property for problem areas. Check the proximity of the trees to any existing structures and identifying any potential damage during high winds from the storm.

Trees that appear weak and prone to breaking off in a storm should be pruned, so they are less susceptible to storm damage, or removed by a professional.

Clear Debris

Debris and foliage on your property can increase the chances of storm damage during hurricane season. Tree branches, mulch, and waste can break doors and windows and cause other types of destruction. Expert land clearing can help minimize potential problems if a storm strikes.

Here at Grovin Construction, we can help you have peace of mind during the hurricane season. We have the tools and the expert team to deliver excellent results when it comes to storm preparation and storm damage clean-up. Contact us for a consultation on preparing your property for the storm season. 

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