Recently purchased your property, or getting plans ready for a project? Congratulations! You’re on your way to building your new home, business, or maybe even developing your ideal hunting oasis.  But what’s next after you’re finished with lot clearing?

A common next step in lot clearing is to grade the land to promote proper water drainage, and even construct a driveway on the property.  Whatever needs to be done, Grovin Farms can step up to provide expertise in any area. 

Water Drainage

Planning the proper drainage system for your land ensures that water doesn’t pool around the newly developed property, which could present problems in the future. The Department of Agriculture details many types of drainage systems, and Grovin Farms has the knowledge and experience to guide you towards what will be most beneficial  for your property, budget, and overall vision. 

For larger water drainage solutions, culverts might be needed. Grovin uses top-of-the-line equipment to safely and efficiently install the culvert.  Culverts provide a passageway for water to flow through, away from your property.

We utilize cutting-edge and precise technology such as a “3D CAD design program”, which communicates with our equipment and allows us to be within a tenth of an inch with our gradework. Land shaping, grading, sloping, channel development-we do it all to perfection.  

Pad Installations 

If your construction plans include a garage, barn, or house, you will need a pad professionally designed and installed for the structure to sit on. We use a laser leveling system throughout construction to ensure that the foundation of the building is as stable as possible. There is no room for error during this building phase, which is why we use only the best “3D CAD Design Program” in conjunction with Steelwrist equipment on our projects.

Driveway Design and Construction 

Included in our full site development services is driveway design and construction. We collaborate with you based on the property’s needs and your preferences of design elements and materials that are used.  

Grovin Farms Does it All

Grovin Farms is more than a land clearing and forestry mulching company. We take pride in being able to provide a variety of ground clearing services, while also offering sod grass from our sod farm. You can find bahia sod grass, bermuda sod, St. Augustine sod, centipede sod, and Zoyosa sod at our farm. We offer local pick up and sod installation as well!

Contact Grovin Farms today for all of your lot clearing and sod needs!