The Grovin Farms team recently began carrying out the site development plan of a 106 acre plot of land in South Florida. This project will prepare for a large corporation to utilize the land as a tree nursery. To scale this visually for you, this plot of land is slightly larger than 80 football fields combined! Projects like this require a company capable of extremely detail-oriented coordination and vast vision. Our Grovin Farms team is well equipped to carry the load of these large-scale projects, and we are excited to share how exactly we go about projects of this caliber and scale.

Site Development with Grovin Farms

What Does The Phase 1 Process Look Like?

At phase one of our site development plan, Grovin begins executing excavation of trenches and the installation of drain-tile for our customer based on the width, length and depth of each trench. These specifications are carefully designed by the engineer and architect. Our project manager then reads the drawings and creates an execution plan for our team according to precise measurements and specifications.

Getting Started

The installation of drain-tile is crucial with certain crops because this allows for the water to easily drain away from the crop or plant into the pipe system. The drainage water then gets redirected to a retention pond, drainage ditch, or preferred area for storage and further utilization. Drain-tile assists crops and plants that don’t like overly saturated soil to thrive, even in a heavy rain area! During this phase, we ensure our customer is capable of keeping various forms of crop thriving, with less hassle and efforts expended!

When Grovin excavates the land, we set a combined effort of two CAT 336 excavators, as well as a CAT 330 excavator to dig the trench and load dirt in the two CAT 725 Articulated Haul Trucks. We opt to stockpile this dirt to use in other areas of the project. This ultimately saves our customer money on material! We strive to make our projects as cost effective and timely as possible to continuously provide the best service on the market!

Site Development with Grovin Farms

Stay tuned for the next phases of this massive project. We’ll be sharing with you our progress on the concrete work, as well as the final grade-work! You won’t want to miss this amazing before & after unveiling!

For more information on the Grovin Team’s project capabilities, please feel free to contact us here. If you’re looking to add some high-tech, precision-based, quality equipment to your own fleet, check out our equipment for purchase here.

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