When working construction, equipment that saves you time and money is key. Aside from understanding that crucial concept, having the ability to complete land clearing and land development services in small urban spaces can prove to be a challenge if you don’t choose the right equipment from the start. Recognizing these challenges is a predominant reason as to why Grovin Equipment became an authorized dealer for Steelwrist products. When we started to use Steelwrist tiltrotators, quick couplers and attachments we knew we found something great and wanted to be a part of it. 

The Steelwrist Difference 

Standard excavator buckets with a singular back and forth motion limit your capacity to manage jobs in tight spaces. With a Steelwrist tiltrotator your excavator bucket, grapple or other attachment has 360 degree rotating capabilities at up to a 45-degree tilt. Having multiple attachments that are interchangeable on the same piece of equipment is a game changer! This allows you to bring fewer machines to your job site while completing your job quicker and with less labor. Let’s read that one again. You can bring FEWER machines and multiple attachments; just think about transportation and labor cost savings alone!

A Steelwrist Driven Project

One of our favorite example projects that utilizes Steelwrist is also one of the smallest projects we’ve worked on. We share this particular project because it emphasizes that businesses of all sizes will benefit from being safer and more efficient.

steelwrist | grovin farms | melrose, fl

A detention pond was clogged and overflowing due to a lack of routine maintenance and needed to be restored to function as originally intended. The space was small and gated between two commercial buildings on the backside of a parking lot. We brought two machines to the jobsite; a mini Caterpillar excavator and a Caterpillar 308E with a tiltrotator and digging bucket as seen above. 

We also brought a grading bucket, a grapple, and pallet forks. The four attachments are used on one machine driven by a single operator. Steelwrist products are hydraulic run so when changing out the attachments the operator simply drops the one currently connected to the quick coupler and picks up the next desired tool. The front pin lock allows the operator to do all of this from the comfort, and most importantly, the safety of the excavator.

Typically it would be very challenging to navigate a CAT308 in this tight space while excavating, clearing the land, removing debris, backfilling the area and lastly, grading the replaced fill dirt.  With the rotating capabilities of the tiltrotator, the machine stayed in one spot and the operator guided the attachment to the area that needed attention. This was possible by adjusting the angle and utilizing the attachments to their full capabilities. 

Grovin Stands Behind Innovation 

Grovin Equipments’s utilization of Steelwrist products can be found in many photos and videos uploaded on our website. Whether you have a single excavator for your own property or an entire fleet of varying brands and sizes, we are confident that Steelwrist products will make your company safer, more efficient, and boost your bottom line! For more information regarding our product line, feel free to contact a Grovin expert today!