Stump Grinding and Tree Removal: What To Do With Leftover Wood Chips

On the surface, getting a tree removed might not seem like a big deal. But once it’s gone, and all that’s left to do is the stump grinding, you’ll realize how big of a space is left over.  Taking down trees can really alter the look of your property!

When the tree stump is finally ground down and the space is clear, you’ll notice a bunch of wood chips that are left over.  But don’t worry! Because trees are, of course, a product of nature, there are several eco-friendly recommendations that we have for your landscape!

Our Recommendations For Excess Wood Chips

One of the best things you can do with the wood chips left over from tree stump grinding is using it as an organic mulch for your plants and around other trees. 

If applied correctly, mulch (specifically with wood chips) can be a great way to prevent weed growth. It can also help keep moisture in the soil, and regulate the soil’s temperature; both of which are key to maintaining a healthy landscape.

There are some misconceptions about using wood chips for mulching, but all have essentially been debunked, click here to see that research!

Other Recommendations

Stump Grinding and Tree Removal Done Right

We hope this article has provided some ideas of what you can do with wood chips after a tree removal service.  Whether they add functionality, good looks, or health to the soil, leftover wood chips can be great to have.If you’re looking for a tree removal service on a commercial property or residential land, contact Grovin Farms for a quote.  We use heavy machinery that helps us get the job done right the first time- safely and efficiently. (form fill below)

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