The Perfect Eurociser Equestrian Pond for Beautiful Horses

When it comes to your site contractor specializing in earthwork, site development, drain-tile, and underground utilities, Grovin is the one that you can trust. An Eurociser equestrian pond is perfect for horses in providing 100% buoyancy, reducing their limb stress, and improving the range of their movements. Also, it is ideal for increasing their cardiovascular system, respiratory system and endurance. Reduced limb swelling and malignant edema are two more benefits as well. See how Grovin builds the perfect Eurociser Equestrian pond.

About Our Most Recent Eurociser Equestrian Pond Project

A beautiful and prestigious farm in Levy county requested Grovin Farms to excavate an area for horse trainers to use an equestrian swim pond. Grovin operators dug a pond that’s 12′ deep in the center and 100′ long  with 6″ of clay. Grovin created a 3D pond design with their  advanced technology then uploaded the data to the CAT315 Excavator and D5 Dozer for perfect precision.

Grovin uses this technology to minimize the opportunity for error when creating the slope of the pond. Haul trucks were brought in to move the excavated dirt to another location. A dock was constructed in the middle of the pond using high-quality marine-grade lumber. Next to the dock’s entrance,  a concrete ramp was constructed for the horses to enter the water safely.

The dock leads to an octagon-shaped platform with a drawbridge-type section that leaves the platform as an island during the horses’ training session.

How the Eurociser Swim Pond Works

When a trainer walks out on the dock, the platform then lifts the drawbridge, which allows the horse to exercise as well as swim in a circle around the platform. 

The property mimics a Kentucky style horse farm with green rolling hills and white fencing. To promote proper drainage and an overall aesthetically pleasing appearance, Grovin  designed the property with thoughtfully calculated slopes.   Grovin has created a Eurociser, which is a circular merry-go-round structure. Here, the horses walk in circles to warm up and  train. There is also an area designed specifically for lunging.

Eurociser: Perfect For Getting Your Horses Moving

Marion County is  known as  the “Horse Capital of the World” and Grovin is  proud to be a part of creating these state of the art equestrian facilities  

If you require other services such as land clearing, forestry mulching, tree removal, excavation, land leveling, grade work, drain-tile , and culvert installation, please reach out.  Grovin is the team  you can count on and trust.

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