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At Grovin Farms, we believe that every farm is important and necessary to the sustainability of agriculture, both now and for the future. With access to high-tech computer systems, automated machinery and equipment and innovative farming techniques, the opportunities for growth are limitless. That is why we are committed to delivering those services to the farmers and producers in our community, when and where you need us.

Why Should Your Growth Be Limited?

Sod Farm

— Sod Farm —
We offer services to lawn and landscape professionals, farms, municipalities, government institutions and agencies, and residential and commercial contractors.

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Forestry Mulching
Forestry Mulching

— Forestry Mulching —
Our fast and effective tree and brush removal service uses a single CAT 299 Skid Steer/ HM315 mulching unit to cut, grind, and clear trees and vegetative growth. Depending on tree size and brush density, this unit is capable of clearing 1-2 acres in a single day.

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Pasture / Cropland

— Pasture / Cropland —
Have weeds and bare spots have taken over your pastures? We can fix that! Grovin offers a variety of weed control and fertilizer services guaranteed to give you lush, green pastures once again.

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Excavation Services

— Excavation Services —
Need to take out a tree or just spruce the place up? We offer full-scale excavation and land clearing services that include tree removal, ditch cleaning, culvert and retention pond installation.

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Olive Orchard

— Olive Orchard —
We have a passion for olive oil and a newly established olive orchard to prove it! With an experienced staff, Grovin Farms grows and sells olive trees developed for the production of olive oil. If you are in the market for a few trees or considering an olive orchard of your own, we can help!

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Field Drainage

— Field Drainage —
We can help you develop a systematic crop plan that bolsters water and resource conservation while also maximizing production levels and reducing costs.

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Grovin came to our farm to clear, slope and level the barnyard area around our existing barn as well as the brand new barn that was just built, then went back and installed all new sod! It turned out beautiful!!
— Hall Family Farms —