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The foundation of Grovin Equipment is service, efficiency and education. We understand the everyday needs of heavy equipment operators because that’s who Grovin Equipment is. We are an authorized dealer of the brands and products we represent because we are tried and true believers of everything we sell. Our team uses these products daily and is confident that your company’s challenges are very similar to the ones we once faced.

We are a service-orientated company who truly wants to help you. Having a machine in the shop for weeks isn’t an option, we pride ourselves on quick scheduling and installation. Grovin Equipment has a service and install team ready to go! We offer 24/7 service so if for some reason your equipment isn’t working properly, our team gets you back in action quickly. Time with an immobile machine is money not in your pocket, we know! We pay attention and listen to what your needs are. Knowing what kind of machines you operate, materials you work with, types of jobs you do, even types of jobs you want to do. This information is important for us to know so we can make recommendations on products that we are confident will enhance your company.

We genuinely want to help make your company more successful when it comes to efficiency and profit. Grovin Equipment focuses on selling products that use method-improving technology while reducing safety risks and increasing the bottom line. A two-person job now requires just one and virtually eliminates the need for employees dangerously working outside a machine. Our products promote universal consistency and precision while minimizing user error, guesswork, down time and decreases the demand of skilled labor. Not only will you save money on labor hours, but also freight costs. Interchangeable attachments mean instead of three or four machines at a job site, you can quite possibly bring one along with multiple attachments.

At Grovin Equipment, we know that just about anyone can sell you products. These days you don’t even need “anyone” selling the products; going online and blindly ordering items is always an option. Blindly is the key word there, which is why education is truly what leaves Grovin Equipment in a league of it’s own. Hands on education with our customers once products have been delivered and installed is so important to us. We make sure you and/or your operators feel comfortable using the accessories and attachments which is why we created a team of experts who will help familiarize you with the ins and outs of the products we sell.

Learning something new isn’t always easy but this technology has changed the way Grovin does business. Simply put, it is our passion. If you have a question, we’ll talk to you on the phone. If you want to see our products in action, come to one of our demo days and we’ll show you. If you want a mind-blowing experience that will change the way you think about excavation operation forever ultimately making you question all you’ve ever known about your own equipment, I invite you to start using these products.

We are passionate about what these products have done for our company and promise that with our passion and commitment to service, you will be impressed too.



Thanks to a focus on steel molded components, we offer compact tiltrotators with low building height and low weight that gives you optimized digging geometry and the best fuel efficiency.

  •  Cast steel in all major components for the best ratio strength to weight
  •  The lowest building height
  •  45 ° tilt angle for greater flexibility – on all tiltrotators
  •  Double acting tilt cylinders with check valve as option
  •  Vertical tilt cylinders that allow digging in narrow trenches
  •  Grease lubrication for longer life and possible to connect to your central lubrication system
  •  Six channel swivel with high flow for a flexible use with your tiltrotator

Tiltrotator Option

Gripper Cassette

When used correctly, an integrated gripper is an amazing tool that increases your productivity dramatically. The aim of the four-finger gripper has been to increase safety when handling objects. Greater contact surfaces allow you to get a better grip. The gripper opens widely, closes almost entirely, has robust cylinder covers and does not interfere with excavation. Naturally, it can be retrofitted.


The Steelwrist Powertilt is a marriage between the original tilt engine from Helac Corporation and the patented Front Pin Lock technology from Steelwrist. With the Steelwrist Powertilt you’ll get a safe quick coupler solution when you just need the tilt function and not the full-blown tiltrotator functionality. The Helac tilt engine, with more than 50 000 units in the field, guarantees the robustness of the tilt function. The Steelwrist Powertilt gets its coupler from the steelwrist steel casted solutions as well as the robust direct fit top.


TMX comes with S30 and S40 brackets (S30/150 and S30/180). Tilt unit can be delivered with semi automatic or hydraulic locking version. While Powertilt uses a tilt motor to tilt, we use two compact cylinders on TMX which gives a weight reduction. Fits excavators from 1,500 lbs.


Quick Coupler FPL

Steelwrist symmetrical quick couplers are unique. No other manufacturer cast the entire quick coupler in steel and includes front pin locking as standard for maximum safety. Also pins are included.
With Front Pin Lock you are safe during tool changes regardless of control system, the size and age of your excavator. A simple mechanical solution that protects against the most common risk, ie. by mistake, you connect the rear pin in the wrong way without noticing it. The advantage of casting in steel is that materials can be optimized where needed (for example, contact surfaces to pins in order to minimize the pressure per square cm) and eliminate material where it is not needed. The result is an unrivaled relationship between strength and weight.
Unlike traditional solutions that only indicate that the lock is open (or modern sensor-based solutions that indicates when you are not connected correctly), Steelwrist Front Pin Lock solves both problems. We indicate red when the lock is open and green when the bucket is in a secured position. In addition, we ensure that you do not drop a bucket even if you made a mistake in the coupling process. As long as you have the front pin in the front jaw (the one that you see from the cabin) then you are safe even if you locked above the rear pin. In a way, one can say that our solution is both a “warning” and an “airbag” when our competitors a “warning light”.

SQ Quick Coupler FPL

The demand for productivity is constantly rising and in some applications the need for work tool changes is almost continuous. With Steelwrist SQ-technology you will be able to change between tiltrotator, hydraulic breaker, crusher, shear, pulverizer, grapple, screening bucket, compactor and of course any mechanical work tool – all without ever leaving the cabin and in only seconds.
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Steelwrist is the only manufacturer in the market that has a symmetrical coupler completely cast in steel. It’s an extremely robust design free from welding, large pin contact surfaces and material where needed.

Our priority is as always minimum building height as opposed to a simpler manufacturing process. In comparison with other brands the building height can differ as much as 40 percent!


Grading Bucket

The Steelwrist grading bucket is designed for optimal use with our tiltrotator and quick couplers. The grading buckets have relatively low weight, just like our other products, but are still extremely robust thanks to smart materials and thoughtful design. The design with chamfered corners, open angle, long and flat bottom and conical design are some of the properties. This allows the buckets to cut through the material with minimal digging resistance, which affects your fuel efficiency positively. On the larger buckets (S60 and upwards) oversized pipes are used to increase the stiffness of the buckets, while the sheet metal truss structure used on the smaller buckets to keep the weight down. The rounded back of the bucket allows the material releases easier and fill without clogging during digging.

Cable Bucket

Steelwrist’s cable bucket is high from cutting edge to attachment bracket which allows you to properly enter the trench without interference with the tiltrotator. To avoid those challenges, the tiltrotator gripper unit has extremely robust cylinders protection. On the larger buckets (S60 and upwards) oversized pipes are used to increase the stiffness of the buckets, while the sheet metal truss structure used on the smaller buckets to keep the weight down.

Digging Bucket

Steelwrist’s digging bucket is designed to withstand tougher jobs. The bucket is characterized by a progressive radius which allows the cutting edge to penetrate the material without interference from the bottom. The bucket is available with or without teeth.

Tooth System CAT or KingMet.
On the larger buckets (S60 and upwards) oversized pipes are used to increase the stiffness of the buckets, while the sheet metal truss structure used on the smaller buckets to keep the weight down.

Sorting Bucket

Our sorting buckets are reinforced with Hardox 500 and 500 Brinell steel bars for durability and precision. Choosing a Steelwrist sorting bucket will make your sorting of rocks and pebbles efficient. The sorting bucket can be mounted with or without tiltrotator.

Utility Bucket

Hardox 500 material in all wear plates.
30 degree cutting edge angle.
Cutting edge in HB 500 material.
Dimensions for working in water and sewage applications.

Screening Bucket

  • Screening size can be adjusted from 25 mm to a larger size in just a couple of minutes.
  • The screening bucket has a patented direct drive camshaft technology that that reduces the number of moving parts.
  • Extremely few moving parts means that it will be both cheap in maintenance costs and is suitable for rental.
  • Everything can be screened – wet material, large rocks, and construction site waste.


Steelwrist standard range is made for the symmetric standard. Steelwrist screening buckets fit excavators between 3 and 50 tons, and are adapted for use with Steelwrist tiltrotators.

V-Ditch Bucket

Our priority is as always minimum building height as opposed to a simpler manufacturing process. In comparison with other brands the building height can differ as much as 40 percent!



Steelwrist Compactors are designed for quiet, safe, comfortable and maintenance free compaction of soil, pipeline trenches, embankments, pits and shafts. The low height and off-center bracket position increase the reach and you can use the compactor under obstacles and in other narrow positions.

The open design allows the compactor plate to self-clean and prevent backfill material to jam the compactor. The angled housing design and rubber buffers provide optimum force distribution for the compaction work and makes it possible to use in rough terrain. The 15° angle also reduce stress on the rubber buffers resulting in less wear. Additionally the job site safety level is improved as the need for personnel directly in the work area is reduced.


Regardless if you have a need for cleaning pavements, cable trenches, railway switches, tram tracks, roofing, containers, flooding or other disaster areas from debris, material or snow the Steelwrist sweeper range give you the tool to take on the job. Instead of using manual shovels, snow plows or other similar work tools the Steelwrist sweeper range will give you access to the work area in a completely different and much more effective way.

Dual direct drive hydraulic motors safeguard the torque needed for efficient brushing together with Beeline brushes for long brush lifetime.

  • Dual direct drive hydraulic motors
  • Mud flap
  • Integrated parking stand
  • Bolt on top brackets available with S-, SQ- CW- and HS-type standards

Asphalt Cutter

The asphalt cutter is indispensable for work involving cable and pipe installation. In addition to the efficient cutting of asphalt, the design makes precision cuts on lawns possible, leaving tidy incisions.

Grading Beam

Our grading beams are very robust and the design and has 4 foot width. The grading beam fits the S40 coupler and larger.


The ripper provides the best tear and break out of the material. The design allows for optimal breakout force and is suited for frozen ground, stumps and stones.

Ripper Video

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks make your excavator even more versatile. Pallet forks have an adjustable spread and good visibility which makes it easier to maneuver the forks correctly.


Multi Grapple

The Steelwrist finger grapple is a heavy-duty universal grapple for stumps, debris, scrap and shrubbery. It comes in a seven finger and a five-finger version, to fulfill wishes from the operators. Similarly to all other Steelwrist grapples it has a high clamping force, load holding valves and accumulator for the highest safety level.

With a wide opening it’s the perfect work tool for operators who want to broaden their scope of work. The by-passing jaws close fully so that also thin objects can be handled with ease. Hardox 500 in all wear plates as well as jaws with hard facing 600 Hb welding for longer lifetime. Obviously it also has expander plates and self-lubricating bearings. The bracket has a 5° angle that levels the grapple with the tiltrotator rotation plane. Naturally it works great with our SQ-technology.

Stone and Sorting Grapple

The new high-performance sorting grapple is targeted for the tougher tasks such as handling large stones, timber, recycling, scrap, sorting and also for medium duty demolition work. The tip-to-tip closing cutting edges in HB500 steel are bolt-on and turn-able, which together with the high tensile steel jaws and expander pins assures a cost effective operation. High clamping force and a super wide opening will give you the flexibility that you need. Shimmable mechanical end stops and load holding valves ensure a safe work. The bracket has a 5° angle that levels the grapple with the tiltrotator rotation plane and works great with our SQ-technology.

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