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Why Grovin Sod Farm?

Landscapers, commercial contractors and local residents want to work with us because of our customer service. We provide consistent quality and superior service from our top management to our installation crew and truck drivers.

We cut sod for both pallets and big rolls–Our pallets cover approximately 400 SF (150 pieces per pallet). Big rolls cover approximately 227.5 SF 42” x 65’. Grovin’s sod farm has what you need for any project!

All Grovin sod is freshly cut to order. Don’t forget to ask about Grovin’s sod delivery and installation services!

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We offer a pick-up option at our sod farm in Melrose as well as delivery and installation services. (We do have a minimum number of pallets for delivery and installation services). While we have shipped our sod all over Florida and even into south Georgia, from Miami to the Panhandle to Valdosta, and everywhere in between including Disney World, many of our customers are in these areas:


Keystone Heights




Lake City

Our grass is weed controlled, fertilized and grown specifically for residential and commercial use. We sell sod to residential consumers, landscape professionals, farms, municipalities, commercial contractors, home builders and government institutions. Our performance turf is inspected and certified by the state of Florida’s Department of Agriculture.

What sets us apart from our competitors? – LEGENDARY SERVICE.

With over 35 years of experience owning and operating service-based businesses, we understand what it takes to deliver excellence in customer service. Our core mission is simple – Find a way to say “yes”.

Argentine Bahiagrass:

Full/Moderate Sun

Bahiagrass forms an extensive, deep root system and maintains itself better than other grasses in fertile soil, sandy soil, clay and muck soil. Bahia does not require high inputs of water or fertilizer. This makes it an ideal choice for home sites, large lots and acreage and areas where there is no irrigation system. During extended drought periods especially in the winter season, Bahiagrass will go into a drought-induced dormancy and turn brown until conditions become favorable for re-growth and becomes a luscious green again.

Argentine Bahiagrass forms a relatively dense sod and has a dark blue-green color, making it highly desirable for lawn use in many areas of Florida. It has high insect and disease resistance and tolerates cold temperatures well.

During the growing season, mowing is recommended every 7 to 14 days to a height of 3 to 4 inches.  

For more tips on sod, check out our blog here!

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(Full Sun)
Bermuda's aggressive growth habit makes it highly weed resistant. Bermuda is wear - resistant and drought - tolerant and fairly low maintenance

St. Augustine Sod, land clearing, sustainable agriculture, site development, sod installation, sod farm | Grovin Farms, Florida.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass varieties thrive in the heat of Florida and are shade, cold and frost tolerant. It requires more attention than other turf types and needs to be watered and fertilized regularly. Mowing should take place every 7 days in season at a height of 2.5 - 3 inches.

Centipede sod, land clearing, sustainable agriculture, site development, sod installation | Grovin Farms, Florida.


(Full/Partial Sun)
Centipede is a tough, low - growing, low - maintenance turf grass. It grows best in the acidic soil of the lower South. Centipede has a rougher texture than most turf grasses, but with proper care it has excellent weed and pest resistance.

Zoysia sod, land clearing, sustainable agriculture, site development, sod installation, sod farm | Grovin Farms, Florida.


(Full/Partial Sun)
Zoysia grass is hardy and has a deep thick root structure. It is drought tolerant, low maintenance and bug resistant. Zoysia requires less watering and mowing than other types of warm season grass that you’ll find in Florida.