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Bahia Sod

Post by Cheri Kane | December 2, 2016

  Grovin Farms is located just 20 miles east of Gainesville, in Melrose, Florida.   Grovin Sod Farm produces, sells and installs the highest quality Bahia and Bermuda sod in North Central Florida.  We supply sod services to other sod farms, landscape and general contractors as well as government agencies and private land owners.  Unlike other producers, our Bahia sod fields are certified, sprayed, fertilized and free of cattle grazing, promoting maximum root development throughout the sod and the best opportunity for growth after installation.  What does that mean for the property owner?  It means turf that acclimates well, has […]

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Bahia and Bermuda Grass Services

Post by Cheri Kane | November 4, 2016

Grovin Farms is located in Melrose, Florida just 20 miles away from the great city of Gainesville. We grow and sell only the highest quality Bahia and Bermuda sod. When it comes to picking the right types of sod research is imperative. Different types of grass are good for various applications.   Bahia Sod has many desirable characteristics such as low to medium fertilizer requirements, high resistance against disease and insects, and standing tough against droughts.   Our Bermuda Sod is some of the best in the Gainesville area!  Grovin Farm’s Bermuda Sod performs well in hot, sunny climates and does […]

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