Grovin Construction

Site Development

We offer site development services including clearing and grubbing, grading, earthmoving, pond and ditch excavation and embankment, underground utilities, and erosion control.

We offer site development services as a contractor or subcontractor, that include excavation, drain tile and underground utilities, land clearing and land leveling to land developers, commercial contractors and residential customers.


  • Retention and detention pond excavation. Restore a retention/detention pond to function as originally designed.
  •  Drainage ditches and inlets to further water movement off the property or into a retention pond.
  •  Underground drain-tile installation.
  • Equestrian Swim Pond design and construction.
  •  Residential and commercial demolition.
  •  Tree and stump removal.
  •  Custom residential pond design and excavation.
  •  Culvert installation.


  •  Driveway and private road design, installation and/or maintenance
  • Pad construction for new communities including
    homes, barns and utility buildings.
  • Equestrian arena, Eurocizer construction and paddock installation
  • Land balancing with a Tremble 3D laser GPS system creating the perfect slope for your commercial or residential property in order to properly redirect surface water. Elimination of low spots and depressions where water could pool.


  •  Commercial property mulching
  •  Residential property mulching
  •  Land clearing
  •  Tree and stump removal
  •  Brush removal
  •  Storm damage clean up
  •  Timbered land clean up
  •  Hunting lanes and hiking trails
  •  Horse trails
  •  Cutting fire breaks
  •  Orchard and vineyard maintenance
  •  Utility line and fence line maintenance


Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetative growth and saplings. The unit uses a rotary drum equipped with steel chipper “teeth” to remove and shred trees, brush and heavy vegetation. The mulch is simultaneously distributed over the cutting area, reducing erosion and vegetative re-growth while leaving a natural, forest-like environment. Forestry mulching is used for land clearing, right of way clearing and maintenance, wildfire prevention, overgrown and heavy brush management, invasive species control and wildlife conservation and restoration


Every project is different which is why we always go and see the jobsite in person prior to putting an estimate together. This initial visit helps reduce day of questions and surprises.

  •  Land owners who want a large open space.
  •  Land owners who want to clear an area for a new house, driveway and/or utility buildings.
  •  Homeowners who need their property lines and fence lines cleaned up.
  •  Land developers who are clearing land for commercial use.
  •  Hunters who want their hunting lanes cleaned up.
  •  Equestrians who need horse trails created or cleaned up.


  •  Fast land clearing
  •  Reduces need for permits or special fencing
  •  Keeps the tree root in place to maintain soil structure
  •  No brush or tree piles to remove or burn
  •  Slows vegetative regrowth
  •  Controls erosion
  •  Maintains natural forest appeal

Forestry mulching is unlike other land clearing processes in that it can be done with a single machine comprised of a CAT Compact Track Loader fitted with a HM315 Mulching Attachment. This rugged mulching head processes trees, up to 200 mm (8 in) diameter, and other brush for effective land clearing results. Unlike other land clearing methods, forestry mulching leaves no brush or burn piles and eliminates damage to the retained trees. With a thick layer of mulch, the topsoil layer is protected from erosion and as the mulch decomposes, the topsoil will be replenished. The mulched material is dispersed over the cutting area and when left on the ground, will act as an erosion barrier and return vital nutrients back into the soil as it decomposes. Over time, grass will naturally grow through the mulch and can be maintained with mowing.

When Invasive species of trees and other plant life take over habitats, it is not only unsightly but can be a drain on other natural resources such as ground water. The invasive species must be remove in order to reestablish the native environment, preserve precious water resources and allow the natural balance of wildlife and insects to be restored. Trees crowded together can become stressed, making them weak and more susceptible to attack from invasive species. Proactive mulching can reduce crowding of competitive trees, eliminate invasive plants and other trees and further reduce susceptibility to disease caused by the spread of insects and fungus.

Proactive mulching reduces the potential for wildfires by eliminating fuel sources like brush, vines, fallen and rotten trees.  They not only increase the risk of fire, but once started these fuel sources will quickly elevate the heat intensity and ability for the fire to run up the tree and spread to other trees. If an uncontrolled fire erupts, forestry mulching can be used to cut lines or fire breaks to prevent the fire from spreading. Once the fire is extinguished, mulch can be used as a top layer to prevent further soil erosion and water contamination.

Some trees are too large to mulch and removal is needed.

We cut the trees and either pile them for burning or remove them from your property.
Stumps can be left, or grinded (subsurface) or removed from the ground entirely. Once stumps are extracted from the ground, we can either stockpile and burn those as well or remove them from your property.