Grovin Construction is building a 200-yard gun range for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. The new, state-of-the-art gun range will be used by law enforcement. It will also be open to the public.

Projects like these require very detail-oriented construction to ensure safety. Grovin Construction is an expert in large projects like this. Read on to learn more.

Excavation and Land Balancing

First, the team leveled the lot. Next, they balanced the land to redirect surface water. They also designed slopes to keep water away from the targets. These steps will ensure that the gun range remains usable even after heavy rains. In addition, they excavated three ponds for better drainage. Lastly, they constructed a road leading to the range for visitors.

Range Safety

To enhance the gun range, leveling included the removal of rocks and other ricochet-producing materials. Additionally, Grovin relocated plants that could obstruct the view from the shooting platforms.

Installing a dirt mound as the backdrop was necessary to stop bullets from going beyond the range. The dirt mound is 26 feet high and 10 feet wide at the top. This bullet containment mound was made using dirt and sand excavated from the construction site. It has a very specific composition similar to softball field clay and makes for good ballistic material.

We constructed impact structures like earth berms and walls to prevent any misfired bullets from leaving the range and causing collateral damage.

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