A Guide to Construction Grading and Land Leveling

If you are in the process of buying or selling land, you might have come across some unfamiliar terms, such as “grade work” and “construction grade”. Construction grade refers to how land is graded and raised to make it suitable for farming or residential development. In contrast, grade work refers to the excavation and concrete work required during the grading process. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are different. To help clarify these differences, we’ve created a guide on construction-grade work and land leveling.

What Is Construction Grading?

Construction grading, also known as site grading, or earthwork, is any activity that improves ground contours to meet building standards. From land clearing to finishing and everything in between, construction grading takes place. It’s a process that includes many jobs such as excavation, backfilling, compaction, concrete work (pouring foundations), drainage installation/repair/removal/installation, retaining walls and more. Grading can be completed using different types of equipment, including excavators (backhoes), bulldozers, rollers, and loaders.

How Does This Differ from Regular Grading Jobs?

Construction grade work jobs differ from regular grade work jobs because construction sites typically have tight deadlines. Because of that, contractors need to minimize their time on-site and maximize productivity. In addition, construction-grade dirt typically needs to be moved around frequently, which means frequent trips with heavy machinery. This can be disruptive for nearby homeowners if it’s not done correctly. If you want to build something, you might want to hire a contractor who specializes in construction grading.

Why Does This Matter for My Landscaping Project?

If you want a solid foundation, you need to start with solid ground. Land grade work or the installation of concrete pads for flagstone patios, steps, decks, and other projects helps ensure that your landscaping stays in place without sinking or shifting after installation. It can also help increase drainage in areas where water pools. But, of course, this kind of work might be required before any landscaping project begins. 

So it’s important to know what’s involved and who can do it best. That’s where Grovin Construction comes in. We offer our clients grading and concrete pad services, as well as various landscape design and installation services. We can take care of everything from concept to completion, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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