One aspect that should absolutely not be overlooked when developing your property is the land grading. In the planning phase, a main question should be “Where will the water go?”. As an expert land development company and excavation company, Grovin is here to tell you that we have the answers!

Instead of having to clear land and try to redirect the flow of water, a culvert pipe allows for water to naturally flow underneath roadways and railways, and is an integral part of excavation and land clearing projects.

What are my options?

Having a culvert installed is a multi-step process. But, this process just ensures that there is solid communication between you (the homeowner), your locality (for permits), and the contractor and engineer on the project.

With everyone in lockstep, the project will be done safely and on time!

Materials Used

Culverts can be built in different areas on your property, and can come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The locality, engineer and/or contracting company will make the recommendation on the best materials and type of culvert to use.

The Process

As mentioned, there are steps that need to be taken before installing a culvert, and communication between all parties is key. It will typically begin with the homeowner being told by the county what kind of culvert is needed (based on address). Next, the homeowner will apply for a permit that notes the proposed diameter and location.

Once the required permit is obtained, and it’s deemed safe to dig, the excavation company will dig the area for the culvert, install it.

Get it right with Grovin

To get a safe, reliable, and good looking culvert installed on your property, contact Grovin Farms today! With our expertise in land clearing, land development, and excavation services, we’ll make the right decision for your property’s needs.