Whether you’re ready to build a house or a commercial building, pave a road, or even start a farm, land clearing is a crucial first step.  You might think this can be done by yourself or with the help of some friends, but it’s best to utilize professionals in order to get the job done right.  Here’s why calling in professionals for your land clearing projects will save you time, money, and a whole lot of hassle!

We Use the Right Equipment

One of the most important aspects of any lot clearing and forestry mulching project is having the right equipment.  This greatly increases the project’s efficiency.  Here at Grovin Farms, we work almost exclusively with Caterpillar equipment.  When mulching, we have a CAT299d with an HM315 mulching attachment. For larger land clearing jobs, we have excavators fully outfitted with Steelwrist products. By simply switching out attachments on our machines, we’re able to maximize the potential of our equipment, all while cutting down on labor and travel costs.  Read about how we utilize Steelwrist equipment in one of our recent blog articles

We Reduce Costs In the Long Run

Don’t look at land and brush clearing services as a DIY project for the weekend if you want it done well.  Cost and safety are big factors to take into account.  If you don’t already own machinery, the cost to rent and fuel the machines may quite possibly already surpass what it costs to hire trained and insured professionals.  Factor in your valuable time spent, your learning curve, maintenance costs… and you can see why it makes sense to professionally outsource land clearing services.

We Protect Your Land

You never really know what you’re going to get into when clearing land.  Larger tree stumps will need to be uprooted with specialized equipment, and could leave uneven ground.  This can cause overgrowth and stifle healthy regrowth of plants and grasses.  Investing in professional land clearing companies can improve the finished product, and minimize harm to soil and wildlife.

Valuable Industry Experience

At Grovin Farms, land clearing and site development run in our blood.  As a multi-generational business with a 600 acre farm just outside Gainesville, FL, we’ve pretty much seen it all.  We’re proud to be industry experts, so we can help you reach your goals.  Extensive training backs all of our experience, and safely completing a project is always paramount.  Have peace of mind and save time and money on your next ground clearing project; call on Grovin to deliver the results you need.  To learn more about our land clearing services and how we can help you, contact our team today! 

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